About Us

island girl

Island Girl is a brand of resort footwear and fashion accessories that focuses on promoting and highlighting the beauty of natural materials sourced exclusively from the Philippines. At Island Girl, we are proud to say that our footwear and accessories are 100% made BY Filipinos with indigenous materials found in the country. By creating our own line using special elements such as wood, shells, coconuts, bamb oo,

plant fibers, hand-made resin, seeds, and Philippine leather, our products effectively exude the genuine warmth that our country and people are known for. They are not only must-haves on the beach, they're also great gifts to bring back home from the Island too!


Founded on the shores of our beautiful Boracay beach, the Island Girl shop located in Phase IV of D'mall, has also sold to several well-known brands around the world.


Island Girl plans to expand its retail business and has recently opened up another outlet at the Island City Mall, Tagbilaran, Bohol.





To reinvent and commercialize Filipinana by creating fashionable, wearable, and affordable accessories and footwear while spotlighting the natural element in every product :)